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Montreal, QC

The clients were looking to create a more functional space that blends their existing vintage furniture and art with new elements. In addition, they wanted to incorporate biophilic patterns and sustainable solutions into their master suite. 

Our vision for the space was to develop an inviting, soothing yet cheerful atmosphere that is authentic to the clients’ artistic souls. Natural materials, biomorphic shapes and plants brought this space to life. The colour palette of this project was inspired by and built around the clients’ beautiful quilt designed and made by professional fibre artist Kathleen Bissett.

Most of the recommended furnishing, accessories and the building materials (such as wood, stains and glues) came from sustainable sources. Each detail aims to evoke positive biological, emotional and mental responses and develop a toxin-free, healthier, eco-friendly and more sustainable environment. 

The project's scope: design concept and development, sourcing and project implementation guidance.

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