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ORIA Interiors is a Toronto-based, boutique interior design firm founded by Viktoria Gilanyi, offering comprehensive design services to homeowners and other industry professionals across Canada and the United States.


The name Oria and the logo were born as a result of playing with Viktoria’s name; Oria being the last four letters, while the letter O in the logo blends her name’s initial - the unfinished O suggesting a reference to letter G as Gilanyi, the leaves shaping the letter V as Viktoria and referring to Viktoria’s love for nature and nature-inspired interiors. 


Oria means golden in Latin. And while the golden reference was not intentional, it is associated with some values that align with the commitment of ORIA Interiors - to deliver a standard of values, purity and excellence in interiors and the design process.

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Image of Viktoria Gilanyi squadding in front of a waterfall and dipping her hand to water.


The endless walks in the woods as a child, combined with being raised to be mindful of the natural resources, established a natural path for Viktoria to pursue creating nature-inspired spaces for her clients. 

... the love of nature inevitably comes with a strong determination to preserve it.

Immersing in studies about biophilic design and experiencing its benefits during her own healing process, she recognized that incorporating patterns of nature in our homes is not only a decorating style. Rather, it fulfills our inherent inclination to connect with nature and thus evokes positive biological, emotional and cognitive responses. 


Viktoria’s deep love for nature inevitably comes with a strong determination to preserve it. Through her extensive training and constant self-education, she is equipped to choose materials and furnishings that are sustainable and safe for the environment and the people using them.


Viktoria moved to Canada from Slovakia, Europe with her husband and launched her interior decorating business in 2019. Before entering the interior design industry, she earned a law degree and worked several years in a corporate job as a legal professional. Her career change was fueled by blending her admiration of beautiful spaces with her love of nature and the desire to express her creativity.

...  accountability, a strong sense of integrity, attention to detail, and the ability to understand clients' needs...

While she is no longer a practicing lawyer, she carried valuable qualities from her rigorous education and corporate experience into her interior decorating business. She is extremely reliable, has a strong sense of integrity, pays close attention to detail, and knows how to understand clients' needs, which are key to providing a client-focused service and completing a successful project management.

Image of Viktoria Gilanyi sitting at her desk and drinking coffee from a white cup. Palm tree plant and gallery of black and white photography in the background.
Image of Viktoria Gilanyi in a kitchen arranging pink flowers in a large glass vase.


Spaces designed by Viktoria are timeless and clean. They're filled with light, natural materials, earthy textures, brushed metals and flourishing plants. She goes beyond beauty and aspires to create an experience that engages all five senses while evoking feelings of relaxation, comfort, productivity and refuge. 

...spaces designed by Viktoria engage all five senses and evoke feelings of relaxation, comfort, productivity and refuge... 

She brings a down-to-earth approach when designing and ensures that her vision fits the clients' needs and is infused with the clients' personalities. She strives to achieve long-term sustainability in design through careful and thorough planning and extensive research.


Located in Toronto, Ontario, Viktoria services both local and remote clients across North America through her in-person and virtual interior decorating services. She holds a certificate in interior decorating from the New York Institute of Art and Design, is a Green Accredited Professional (Green AP), and is a member of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) and the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA). 

Interested in working with Viktoria on your project?

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